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Stimulus update - Business saving tips and tricks to keep the ship afloat

What you need to know to get your PPP, EIDL or Unemployment application processed - or at least looked at. Expert advice from Aaron Blank/CEO Fearey Group and Betty Hedrick/CFP

#9 - Aaron applies for PPP and business interruption insurance - Fun Times

Have you tried to apply for the PPP or another SBA loan or grant? Aaron spent the weekend navigating the process and shares his experience and advice. We also discuss business interruption insurance and other strategies to get through another week of the never ending coronapalooza 2020. Business Saving Business is a volunteer production by Josh Kerns/Cypress Point Strategic and Goal 17 Media, Bob Bagga/BizX and Aaron Blank/The Fearey Group

#8 - The important, dirty details of the stimulus package for small businesses - what you need to know know

What do you need to know about the economic stimulus package for your business? Certified Financial Planner Betty Hedrick discuss the dirty details of the CARES Act with Josh Kerns including the loans and other resources available, what it means for your payroll, taxes, timelines and so much more. Subscribe, like and share on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher. Business Saving Business is a volunteer production by Josh Kerns and Goal 17 Media

The economic stimulus and small business - an update from the Governor's office

What does the economic stimulus package passed by Congress mean for your business? Michael Ervick, the Washington State Small Business Liaison for Governor Jay Inslee, joins the podcast to bring us the latest on federal and state efforts to support small and medium businesses. He tells us about some out of the box ideas kicking around Olympia including creation of a new online marketplace for businesses and consumers to support each other.

Savor Seattle's big bet on a big pivot - lessons for us all

Savor Seattle founder and CEO Angela Shen offers insights and inspirations on pivoting your business in the face of the coronavirus crisis, innovating despite the fear, forging new partnerships, looking to the future and raising kids while leading of Seattle's most innovative and acclaimed Seattle food experience's. Join host/producer Josh Kerns of Goal 17 Media and co-host Bob Bagga, CEO/BizX for another deep dive to help business save business.

Seahawks TE Luke Willson offers life and business lessons and inspiration for overcoming our tough times

Seahawks TE Luke Willson joins the show to bring some badly needed inspiration, insights and more gleaned from his experiences on the field and in business (and he was stuck in quarantine like the rest of us so he was a semi-easy get!)

The Governor's office is listening to us!

We've got the Governor's office on our side! In this edition, Bob Bagga and Josh Kerns are joined by Michael Paul Ervick, MBA, Small Business Liaison for the Governor’s Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance (ORIA). He tells us what the Governor's office is doing and can do for small and medium sized businesses.

Putting out the fire - short term strategies for saving your business and bankroll

In this episode, we talk new SBA emergency loans for coronavirus battered small businesses, and financial strategies for the short term and long term with Certified Financial Planner Betty Hedrick

Short term relief and strategies for battered businesses

Co-hosts Bob Bagga, Aaron Blank and Josh Kerns detail some strategies and new programs including government grants and loans for small businesses facing coronavirus fueled economic devastation.

We Got This Seattle! The Battle Begins

In our inaugural episode, BizX Co-Founder Bob Bagga, Fearey Group CEO Aaron Blank and veteran Seattle broadcast journalist Josh Kerns fire the first shot in the battle to save Seattle businesses from the economic crisis looming from the coronavirus outbreak. Join us in our call to arms as we discuss ways the business community can band together during these tough times to offer advice, innovations, solutions, community and hope.